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Character and personal finance are the only investments that are worth anything.

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  • Flashback Friday: The Forex Market
    2015-08-28 08:12:10

    In the foreign exchange market, the major players are the governments, central banks, commercial and investment banks, and speculators. But, thanks to technology, even an average investor can trade because of wide availability of electronic trading networks.

    The forex market operates 24 hours a day and five days a week. According to the Bank for International Settlement, the average currency trading value exceeds $5.3 trillion a day as of 2013, making it the world’s biggest Read More...

  • Setting Up a Forex Trading Account
    2015-07-03 09:06:28

    There are four types of trading accounts to choose from when opening a forex account: standard, mini, micro, and managed.

    Standard Trading Accounts

    The most common trading account, it requires sufficient up-front capital to trade full lots. Each lot is equivalent to $100,000, but a trader does not need to come up with $100,000 of capital to trade. Applying the rules of margin and leverage, normally 100:1 in forex, one needs to have $1,000 to start trading Read More...

  • Best Selections for College Students
    2015-06-05 12:26:36

    Most college students I know tend to emulate their parents when it comes to finances. However, some parents have committed a lot of mistakes in handling their money. And not all financial institutions can offer the smartest options for college students.

    This article has outlined the top financial picks for college students, the financial products with the lowest fees and smallest minimum balances.