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Active Questions

Active Questions features all questions that receive the most number of views, answers, and comments. You may find similar question here in this page, making it easier to find the answers you are looking for.

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Find all similar questions here. This section gathers and classifying all questions that belong to the same category or topic, making the work lighter for you. All categories or topics are predetermined by Forex-Ask.

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Project News

Forex-Ask provides you with the latest beats inside and outside the financial market. A great and efficient trading tool, all news and economic data we release are backed with right resources and references.

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User Rating

User rating ranks all Forex-Ask users based on how active you are in using our website, arranging them from the most active users to the least active ones. You will become a Level 1 user if you garner 50 points. You will become a Level 2 user if you get 100 points.

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Rating Calculation

Forex-Ask users will get five (5) points if they log in once a day. Every week, we select the best question and the best answer. We award one (1) point to the user who posts the chosen best question and three (3) points to the user who gives the best answer. In case no best answer is picked, we deduct one (1) point to the questioner's overall rating.

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Popular Tag

An index of tags collating all similar questions within a content or topic (e.g. forex, investing). This function enables users to easily check all related questions within a page. All tags are predetermined by Forex-Ask.

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For all things finance, read it here. This section provides the most accurate and substantial information about the market. It also offers analysis and strategies useful for trading. Please take note articles submitted by Level 1 users are subject to the moderator's approval.