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Interested in Bitcoin? Read These Books

2016-11-16 09:17:53

Bitcoin has proliferated since a certain Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the digital currency in the market seven years ago. As of writing, the projected transaction volume is $172.24 million. Also, around there was about $9.1 billion of bitcoin throughout the market. If you find bitcoin fascinating, you may want to read the following books written about the virtual currency.


Blockchain, written by Melanie Swan, focuses on the technical side of the cryptocurrency such as the most significant innovation originating from bitcoin. Released in 2015, the book depicts how blockchain and the network can be maximized to make bitcoin mining more effective, as well as make numerous services more accessible and effective. It also shows how the blockchain can disrupt a computing model.

Digital World

Author Nathaniel Popper looks into the identity of the bitcoin father and the inception of the digital currency. It also compares bitcoin to gold, emphasizing how the currency may become the world’s standard for the store of value. Shortlisted as the business book of the year by the Financial Times and McKinsey in 2015, Digital World tells the story of the virtual currency from the perspective of its primary traders, including Asian millionaires and the Winklevoss twins.

Mastering Bitcoin

If you desire to understand the nitty-gritty of the deregulated currency, the 2014 book highlights all important concepts pertaining to bitcoin. It explains the technology behind the digital currency, and its purpose and real-life application. Andreas Antonopoulos also explains the nature of bitcoin dealings, how the cryptocurrency works, and the huge network of this currency. Then there is a portion outlining the mining process.

The Age of Cryptocurrency

Written by Michael Casey and Paul Vigna, the Wall Street media practitioners stating a case for the future of the virtual currency in general, in which a person can purchase almost anything. They are looking into the idea of a global financial system without any intermediaries. In essence, it attempts to answer the question why everyone should care about the virtual currency.