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Character and personal finance are the only investments that are worth anything.

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  • Why Currency Traders Fail
    2016-06-29 03:17:19

    Forex is the biggest market worldwide, having an average daily turnover of $5.3 trillion - and counting. Not all traders, however, reap sweet victory in the huge market. Here’s why.

    Failure to Adjust to Changes. How to keep up with the market? Analyze each scenario and determine the suitable moves and countermoves to lower the risk of huge, sudden losses. The market exhibits different scenarios and risks; hence, it evolves. Losses are inevitable. However, the best Read More...

  • What Moves Gold Prices?
    2016-04-04 09:51:01

    This year, three factors influence the way gold prices move: inflation, low opportunity cost, and skepticism.


    Frequently, gold is the go-to investment whenever currencies decline. Prices and currency strength normally exhibit an inverse relation. Gold prices surge as inflation projections escalate, and vice versa. In the last few years, overall inflation has dropped, as well as the communal calls for moderate inflation boost.

    Due to

  • Credit Score and Retirement are Interconnected
    2016-01-20 11:59:20

    Having an excellent credit score in retirement is a blessing. Here’s why.

    Refinancing is possible. Every person seeks to settle all his mortgage before he hits the golden years. However, not everyone is able to attain such a goal. Based on a 2011 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, approximately 30% of homeowners age 65 and above still pay their mortgage debt.

    Having a good score is useful in two things. It can help you secure the lowest Read More...

  • Handle Financial Matters the Right Way
    2015-11-27 08:39:23

    Even though personal finance has become more popular through the years, only very few people know to manage their money. You may think dealing with financial matters is difficult, but that is not the case. Here are some tips to handle your finances the right way.

    Create an emergency fund. Pay yourself first. Create your emergency cushion the moment you head into your first job. The sooner, the better. Your fund should Read More...

  • Knowing the Five Bitcoin Shams
    2015-10-09 07:37:18

    The popularity of bitcoin continues to rise. Several retailers have integrated the virtual currency into their businesses. Like in any other investments or business ventures, bitcoin-related fraud cases emerge. Bitcoin dealings are not supervised by a regulator or institution, making it susceptible to deceitfulness and theft.

    Below are some of the well-known bitcoin scams.

    Bitcoin Exchange Scams. Such exchanges entice clients by offering to Read More...