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Welcome to our website This website only contains information about Forex and all the things that has relevance about it. If you want to join us in this website, you should obey and follow the rules of this website with the terms and conditions applied. Please check the 'I accept the terms of use of this website' check box and complete your details information to proceed.

For the details, all users should obey and follow the rules below:

  • All users should register and activate their account in this website before they could use our full features and service.
  • Admin and Moderator could edit and delete irrelevant answers and comments without any prior notification to users.
  • All users can create articles in the following conditions:
    • Users should have ratings more than 50 to be able to create an article
    • All created articles will be selected and chosen by Admin
    • Admin could refuse proposed articles without any prior notification
    • All dummy or irrelevant articles could be edited and deleted by Admin
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  • Any complaints and advice should be sent through the feedback service within this page
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  • Users could give and share links within this website, but Forex Ask team does not responsible with the contents of those links.
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  • Admin could delete an inappropriate picture that was attached by all users.
  • Forex Ask team recommend to all users to not share any account number, password or personal information details in this website.
  • Forex Ask team does not responsible for any fraud case caused by sharing users personal information, because we had recommend to not share any account number, password or personal information details in this website on above point.
  • Any violation within this website will be immediately followed by act of our team in accordance with the rules of this website.

If you have read the term of use carefully and still intend to join us, please complete your registration process here and do not forget to activate your account before you could use full features and services of this website.