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  • Goro Yang
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  • Correlation of Dollar and Yuan
    2017-06-14 08:41:01

    Let’s depict the gyration between the yuan and the greenback. To do so, let us cite China’s reservations on discussing yuan’s surge and America’s hesitation to team up with the Asian country in describing the link between these two currencies.

    Here’s the thing: there is a huge stake in assessing the relation of both currencies. Revaluating the renminbi has some indications not only for the two nations and the worldwide economy, but for a person’s welfare, specifically on Read More...

  • Gaining an Advantage in Currency Market
    2017-04-24 01:47:42

    How can traders manage to obtain a vantage point when getting into the forex market? It is vital to know all vital details regarding the world’s biggest global market, specifically its distinct features, varying rates, types of traders, and news and figures that shape currency dealings.

    In this decentralized market, forex-related transactions are facilitated in OTC markets, meaning trades are processed in numerous locations worldwide, with the majority of transactions relating to Read More...

  • Bitcoin Resumes Surge after Hitting Record Low
    2017-02-01 01:45:55

    Bitcoin prices resumed its rally following it reached its record in the last few weeks.

    On January 13, bitcoin stood at $817.34, up $16.60 or 2.06%. The digital currency previously traded at $776.95, down by over 6%. That initial selling was still higher than Thursday’s low of $752.46, implying it could be interrupting a short-term bottom. The virtual currency had an erratic beginning to the year. It surged by more than 20% in the first few days, touching a 2017 peak of $1,161.88, Read More...

  • Careers in Forex Markets
    2016-10-31 10:53:38

    The foreign exchange market is one of the most challenging, exhilarating, and rewarding markets worldwide. With an average daily turnover of $5.3 trillion, forex markets change hands 24 hours a day and five days a week. If you are interested in purchasing and selling currencies, you may want to consider establishing a career in this market.

    Forex Market Analyst. This professional, also known as currency researcher or currency strategist, provides a commentary about the forex Read More...

  • Currency Rigging from the Average Traders’ View
    2016-08-04 06:47:21

    How do average investors look at currency manipulation in different elements of forex trading?

    Capital Flows

    Those who manipulate currencies affect capital markets worldwide, which is extended to export competitiveness and trade balance. Investors look for higher returns in other markets when the value of currencies abroad decline relative to the US dollar. Many economists refer to the Japanese yen as a determinant of highs and lows of American stocks. If Read More...