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Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward; they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.

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  • Leading Day Trading Schools
    2016-05-19 09:36:15

    To those who desire trading the futures market, enroll in Day Trading Academy. Established by Marcello Arrambide in 2011, the school allows people to study trading in different conditions, focusing on reading price action, trading close to the opening of the market.

    Over 51,000 people have signed up for the DTA newsletter offers trading advice, access to futures day-trading courses, and free resources. By paying $2,997, any person can start taking the online course Read More...

  • Clues You Are Ready to Retire
    2016-03-11 08:01:57

    Do you think you are all set to relax and live your golden years to the fullest? Look at the six hints to determine whether you are ready to retire.

    Are you debt-free? If you have settled all your debt obligations, you are ready to live your golden years peacefully. Conversely, if you still owe tons of credit card debt or lots of money on a mortgage, you may want to delay your retirement. A huge payment or loan can greatly dent your finances especially if you are on Read More...

  • Achieve Financial Freedom in 10 Ways
    2015-12-30 09:46:09

    Everybody wants to attain financial freedom, right? Here’s how.

    Build an Emergency Fund

    Also called paying yourself first, this is the very step to achieving financial freedom. No person can move on with his next financial goal if he fails to come up with his own emergency fund. It is imperative to save at least two to three months’ living expenses, which can be used for unforeseen expenses and any investment. The money for automatic Read More...

  • Why These Investments are the Riskiest?
    2015-11-06 11:51:29

    All investments are either risky, safe, or both. But they differ on the levels and types or risk. Some are manageable, some are not. The following are 10 of the riskiest investments.

    Alternative Investments

    Such investments can either provide solid returns, give substantial losses, or become worthless. Examples of alternative investments include artwork, collectibles, hedge funds, and royalty interests. Its very volatile market determines their prices, and Read More...

  • Job Hunting While Still Employed
    2015-09-18 03:08:59

    Some of you are may be wondering what is the best time to find a new job. Frankly speaking, the best time to do so is while you are still employed. Why? First, it puts you in a better negotiating position. Second, it allows you to conduct a thorough job search. And lastly, it enables you to turn down unappealing offers without placing yourself in a financial bind.

    Do you want to make job search work? Be – and remain – quiet. Believe it or not, that is the key to a Read More...