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The majority prove their worth by keeping busy. A busy life is the nearest thing to a purposeful life.

  • Talitha Taslim
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  • FX Market: Trading in Different Intervals
    2017-08-03 08:59:33

    Technical traders have encountered the multiple time frame at least once. But they normally forget this concept when a trader wants to gain ground in the market. They also tend to lose sight of the bigger trend, overlook high probability entry and stop points, and miss precise levels of support and resistance.

    Multiple time frame analysis entails monitoring the same currency pairs throughout different breaks. Although there is no particular limit on which intervals should be chosen Read More...

  • EU Says Anonymity Not Applicable to Virtual Currencies
    2017-05-23 10:42:38

    Since its inception in 2009, bitcoin has been relentless. Governments and policymakers have become more accepting of virtual currencies yet still cautious. Recently, the EU parliament released several revisions pertaining to the usage of financial systems for financing activities of terrorist groups and facilitating money laundering. That document centered on cryptocurrencies, which the bloc currently considers as marginal even though they recognize that digital currencies can become more Read More...

  • US Dollar is Unacceptable in Canada
    2017-03-28 02:30:13

    For several years, Canada and the United States have been trading partners. Canada is the country’s largest goods export market and second biggest goods trading partner. Official data show the two nations traded around $662.7 billion worth of products and services in 2015. With so much trading going on between both countries, it is somewhat surprising to learn that the US dollar is not accepted in Canada.

    Here’s why. The Canadian Currency Act stipulates that Canadian dollar is Read More...

  • Finding the Best Trading Plan for You
    2016-12-08 12:03:04

    The quest for searching a feasible trading plan is not an easy feat. Several elements are factored in, including a person’s financial situation, objectives, and risk appetite. Whether you are embarking on your trading journey or updating your trading game plan, you can ask yourself the following questions to find the most suitable trading plan which suits your needs.

    Before we begin this discussion, it pays to know the reason for asking these questions. Recognize that these Read More...

  • Trade Forex Options to Gain
    2016-09-14 11:38:40

    You can capitalize in the currency market by venturing in forex options. In essence, this instrument provides boundless profit opportunities and the disadvantage is the premium paid to purchase the option, allows traders to amplify gains and minimize risk. This option, a good diversification tool, lets traders speculate on the market movement before a particular event takes place. Majority of investors dip their hands into such options for various reasons, normally to hedge against current Read More...