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General questions Why forex is so popular?
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Question by: Henry - 03 Feb 2017, 04:29:43
Why forex is so popular?
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Answers (5)
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Answer by: Samanthar - 03 Feb 2017, 04:33:06

Forex trading is attractive because it offers unparalleled freedoms. A forex trader can live anywhere as long as he/she is within reach of the internet. Work from home or office. Trade while traveling! A forex trader can usually choose his/her own hours to work since the global foreign exchange market is open 24-hours a day. There is NO inventory, NO shipping, NO billing, NO collections, NO employees, NO commuting and NO dress code. And finally, since forex traders can potentially earn a very high income, they enjoy the possibility of never, ever working for someone else again.

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Answer by: Gregory - 20 Feb 2017, 06:48:00

Forex trading is getting more popular because it is a type of online investment where you can start at any amount.

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Answer by: Toby - 15 Mar 2017, 06:48:51

Forex trading is one of the most popular online investments nowadays because everyone can earn without any limits.

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Answer by: Tamba2013 - 29 Mar 2017, 08:41:26

Most of the people in my country chose to invest online rather than saving their money in banks. According to them, Forex market generates more money than the banks.

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Answer by: Lekyam - 18 Apr 2017, 09:29:30

Forex trading is very popular and most of my friends chose to invest because it's easy to generate profits.

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