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Forex Trading What are Trend lines?
avatar deboroks
Question by: Romer0 - 23 Jul 2012, 09:11:52
What are Trend lines?
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Answers (3)
avatar user 367
Answer by: AccountGuru - 23 Jul 2012, 09:16:52

the straight lines with a positive slope, plotted on a graph through low points when the tendencies are uprising, and with a negative slope, drawn through the high points when tendencies are declining; the lines define the current trends; the trend line gaps usually signal tendency changes.

avatar user 5461
Answer by: Henry - 22 Apr 2015, 04:38:22

A line indicating the general course or tendency of something, e.g., a geographical feature or a set of points on a graph.

avatar user 6527
Answer by: Jeremy - 22 Jul 2015, 09:38:04

Straight or curved line in a trend chart that indicates the general pattern or direction of a time series data.

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