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  • Hedge Funds Show Little Appreciation for Bitcoin
    2017-07-28 10:57:14

    Bitcoin has soared high this year. It reached new record highs, exhibited stellar performances, marked new milestones, and surpassed major assets. The digital currency is starting to gain the trust of some central banks and companies around the globe. It rallied 180% last week and has managed to outmatch the S&P 500 index and the Nasdaq.

    However, one asset class is reluctant to get into bitcoin: hedge funds.

    A hedge fund manager, who has been in the industry for nearly two Read More...

  • Managing Finances and Money Perspectives
    2017-05-19 11:00:21

    How does our view on money shape the way we manage our finances? It can simply prompt us to spend wisely or excessively. We hear several successful and disastrous money management stories. From these accounts, we can pick up something which can help in our financial decisions. This is called money scripts in finance and this can greatly influence our judgment when handling money. Here are certain viewpoints on money and finances.

    Avoiding Money

    Some people

  • Significance of Investing in Currencies
    2017-03-09 08:10:25

    Economic and political skepticism, as well as some other factors have piqued the attention of investors and analysts on currency investing. Two reasons: the foreign exchange market is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and it presents endless trading opportunities. Having the median daily turnover of more than $4 trillion, the following reasons might prompt market players to give currency investing a try.

    Capital Gain

    One of the distinct features of forex

  • Build Wealth in Three Ways
    2016-11-30 09:13:18

    You should know upright that is not a guideline for becoming an instant millionaire. Rather, this will outline ways on how to build your wealth. A reminder, though: these steps are simple yet tricky to follow.

    You need to earn money. This fundamental step sounds simple, but not for people who are beginning or in the transition phase. Financial advisors often tell us that a small amount of money regularly saved and compounded through time can bolster one’s wealth. There are Read More...

  • Information Edge in Currency Trading
    2016-08-19 01:08:42

    Traders in the foreign exchange market can obtain an advantage or two from its distinct features. In some situations, such details result in new information being absorbed over a longer period of time.

    Let’s recall the unique characteristics of the currency market.

    Trades are done over the counter, making it a global decentralized market. Technology links most areas or countries in the market. Also, currencies can be traded in numerous locations and Read More...