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  • Market Capitalization of Digital Currencies Touches $30 Bill
    2017-06-08 11:09:23

    Recently, the market capitalization of virtual currencies has touched the $30 billion mark. The industry is seeing a significant turnaround these days. Therefore, this milestone presents new opportunities and signifies cryptocurrencies are growing swiftly. The growth pace is escalating as well. Analysts are assimilating this growth to the first run-up in virtual currency prices seen in 2013. Although this is somewhat considered a bubble, there is a basis for believing that cryptocurrencies Read More...

  • Terrorism and Wall Street
    2017-04-15 02:49:33

    There is no doubt that terrorism affects the overall relative calmness worldwide, specifically financial markets. We hear or watch different news about terrorist activities, from Iraq to Syria to Paris.

    If you brush aside the immediate effects of terrorist attacks, you may be wondering if there are ripple effects, as planned by these groups, to interrupt our everyday living in more understated ways. Just take the Paris assaults on November 13, 2015. Following this violent act, the Read More...

  • Appreciate Your Inner (Financial) Beauty
    2017-01-26 11:46:21

    This season of giving and lending a hand, bask in your inner (financial) beauty.

    Perhaps you are wondering why we are telling you all of this. Read on: every person feels the strong need to attain financial security, longs to experience the best things in life, desires to meet their wants and needs, and aspires to be financially stable someday. Embracing your inner (financial) beauty in order to achieve your dreams. How? All it takes is empowering you, improving your monetary Read More...

  • Origin of Well-Known Currency Symbols
    2017-01-20 02:45:55

    Even the minor players have made waves in the foreign exchange market. In 2010, India unveiled the new symbol for the rupee, its official currency. Perhaps some of you once asked this question: where did the symbols come from? Today’s edition of Guru Articles explains the origin of the symbols of the world’s major currencies.

    Swiss Franc

    Around 75 groups manufactured the Swiss franc until the government interfered, which first came out in 1798. The Read More...

  • DIY Trading Techniques
    2016-10-20 09:30:15

    There are different trading strategies which are available, but an investor can also create his own. Surprisingly, a do-it-yourself technique is an easy, enjoyable, and satisfying risk.

    A trader must have the following: a pad of paper (or notebook), a shrewd mind, and access to charts denoting the timetable to be traded. These three can help formulate a strategy and be visibly back tested on other charts. First, one has to figure out if he is a day trader, a swing trader, or an Read More...