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There is no future in any job. The future lies in the man who holds the job.

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  • Certain EU Countries Still Love Their Own Currencies
    2017-05-27 02:00:07

    Certain European such as Poland and Sweden still use their own currencies. Their reason? It is more than patriotism. Currently, the EU has 28 member countries. Nine states are excluded in the bloc’s monetary union. All other EU countries, except Britain and Denmark, hold the right to defer accepting the euro as their official legal tender. Here’s why.

    They seek to be independent in terms of bolstering or devaluing currency. Economic challenges or problems are inevitable. We Read More...

  • More Rate Rises about to Come, Fed Says
    2017-03-31 11:53:17

    The Federal Reserve stressed the market is prepared enough to face additional interest rate hikes.

    Based on the minutes of its last gathering, several Fed policymakers implied another rate rise would possibly come to offset the peril of an overheated economy. It said various officials believe it might be suitable to hike rates again provided inflation and jobs report are conforming to or firmer than the central bank’s projections.

    Fed officials stated slowly increasing the

  • IRS Agrees to Key Digital Currency Overhaul Plan
    2017-01-18 12:08:29

    The further rise of the cryptocurrency is inevitable.

    Recently, the US Internal Revenue Service agreed to a major overhaul plan encompassing digital currencies such as bitcoin after the audit by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. An accompanying 31-page report stated none of the federal tax agency’s operating units have established any guidelines or regulations for examining or probing virtual currencies’ noncompliance to tax rules.

    It added bitcoin

  • A Primer on Currency Wars
    2016-09-30 10:52:13

    Currency war occurs when a nation devalues the value of its currency to bolster their economy, specifically exports. Also known as competitive devaluation, it is common in the forex market but doing it intentionally is another story.

    This is what happens when countries start using different monetary policy tools to deliberately lower the worth of the currency. A weak currency makes imports more costly and exports more competitive in global markets. Higher export volumes ignite Read More...

  • Give China a Second Chance
    2016-07-05 01:40:15

    China has experienced economic turmoil to and fro since its transition to market-based economy and devaluation of the yuan, putting it on the bearish side. But it does not imply traders should give up on the Asian nation – at least for now. Here’s why.

    Policymakers recognize the reforms to be implemented. Seeing the country’s long-term economic growth potential, People’s Bank of China official needs to implement reforms to make the shift more feasible and Read More...