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We must welcome the future, remembering that soon it will be the past, and we must respect the past, knowing that once it was all that was humanly possible.

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  • The Mystery behind Money and Investing
    2017-05-31 07:53:03

    Two cents: money does not define everything and investing has never been a swift path to becoming rich. We have a secret to tell you. There are at least five mysteries behind money and investing.

    Poor thinking produces nothing. What you do is what you gain. So, if you act like a poor, you are going to remain poor. They opt to wait until such a time that they have sufficient money or a more rewarding work before starting to invest in themselves or save for the rainy days. Here’s the Read More...

  • Bitcoin Takes a Wild Ride
    2017-04-04 09:22:59

    Bitcoin is having a whimsical journey as of the moment. The price of the virtual currency outmatched the price of an ounce of gold for the first time. Then, the market capitalization of bitcoin surpassed the $20 billion threshold.

    Several factors drive price fluctuations in the bitcoin spot rate. Whilst there is no available benchmark or tool to gauge its volatility, the price movement of the cryptocurrency can suddenly change within a short time period.

    There are differing

  • Three Rationales behind Currency Devaluation
    2017-01-19 02:02:06

    The world has witnessed how Greece is resolving its mounting debt crisis, how OPEC member countries are trying to balance the oil market by striking an agreement on limiting production, and how the United States – and everyone else in the world – is reacting to Donald Trump’s shocking victory in the US presidential election.

    Despite global events to and fro, China still makes it into the global arena, most especially into financial markets.

    Several analysts and

  • Overcoming Exchange Rate Perils
    2016-10-14 10:26:40

    Risks from exchange rates are inevitable, but we can hedge against currency perils. How? The general rule is to leave such a risk relative to offshore investments unhedged when a local currency is declining against foreign-investment currency, but overturn this risk when a local currency is escalating against foreign investments. Forex traders can use various instruments or methods to mitigate such dangers.

    There are at least four tools for hedging forex Read More...

  • What's Next for Federal Reserve after Brexit?
    2016-07-13 09:38:19

    As expected, central banks have started acting on the potential repercussions of the European Union-United Kingdom breakup. Prior to the referendum, Federal Reserve Janet Yellen said Brexit might have substantial consequences which could affect the economy and financial markets worldwide.

    Markets have expected the UK will stay in the region. But British people have spoken. Last week’s voting showed 51.9% backed exiting the EU, while 48.1% wanted to remain. Following the Read More...