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  • Major Investing Mishaps to Avoid
    2017-06-22 01:50:57

    Every investor is bound to commit a mistake or two. When it comes to stock trading, the only thing more difficult than purchasing a stock is knowing when to sell. Well, the majority of novice and seasoned traders face this plight. Take heed from Warren Buffett when investing. According to the renowned investor, there are two trading rules: never lose money and never forget the first rule.

    Perhaps the following investing mishaps can help you commit the same Read More...

  • Dealing with Currency Changes
    2017-04-28 02:54:09

    Change is inevitable. Let’s face it. The foreign exchange market is a jam-packed market since numerous news and data shape movements in this market. Such changes influence the biggest economies and reserve currencies around the globe. Picture this: any major event or two (or any economic report) can drastically affect market conditions.

    Forecasting exchange rate changes has never been an easy feat. According to an article written in 1983, no model or structure could provide better Read More...

  • Fed to Raise Rates Numerous Times until 2019, says Yellen
    2017-02-09 11:11:04

    Janet Yellen has something to tell us: await a number of interest rate hikes from the Federal Reserve from this year until 2019 ends.

    Yellen, speaking before members of a non-partisan business organization in San Francisco, mentioned she and most of her policymakers were mulling over the concept of raising rates numerous times this 2017 through the end of 2019, adding it is near their estimation of its longer-stretch rate of 3%. The Fed, according to her, is seeking to achieve that Read More...

  • What if Europe Ditches the Euro?
    2016-10-10 09:03:46

    Here is a hypothetical question: what will happen if the European Union abruptly decides to abandon the euro, the common currency of the region?

    The EU had a rough first six months of 2016. The European Central Bank is heavily criticized for failure to spur economic growth. The United Kingdom voted to exit the bloc and will begin the Brexit talks by March next year, and it won’t be completed until 2018 at the very least. Greece is still grappling with economic downfall and Read More...

  • Predict Exchange Rates in Four Ways
    2016-07-21 08:18:51

    There are several ways to predict exchange rates. But for discussion purposes, we will focus on four most common approaches for predicting currency changes.

    Econometric Models

    The method includes collating all presumptions that can influence the movement of a currency and formulating a model relative to these factors, which are usually based on economic theory. Also, any variable can be integrated if it is said to substantially impact the currency rates. Read More...