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  • Apinya Kamon
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  • Powerful Ties between Euro and Franc
    2017-07-03 09:51:41

    The euro and the Swiss franc are two of the most well-known currencies worldwide. Therefore, the correlation between these two currencies is too formidable. Even foreign exchange traders know that fact too well.

    Both currencies share inverse ties, which means the USD/CHF mostly sells off and vice versa when the EUR/USD surges. Take note that the correlation between them is perhaps upwards of -95%. Most traders want a correlation of 95% between two financial instruments since this is Read More...

  • Can We Find Solace in the Japanese Yen?
    2017-05-06 02:56:23

    You may desire to find the most suitable answer for this question. Can we find solace in Japanese yen?

    Some emphasized the link between surge of the currency and risk aversion among markets is no longer relevant. We normally consider the price activities of the currency as a work of risk rather than a domestic economic action. The USD/JPY pair has established a formidable correlation with the S&P 500. However, the parallels have differed as of late. This currency is trekking an Read More...

  • Bequeathing Bitcoin When a Holder Passes Away
    2017-02-21 09:14:35

    Every person wants to ensure that his family will still have a comfortable life even after he dies. There are set of rules, regulations, or protocols when it comes to bank accounts, real estate properties, or investments. But handing down the ownership of the digital currency is another story. Also known as wallets, bitcoin addresses contain public keys. However, a person can only access these addresses if they have the matching private key. There is no way to inverse a private key. Read More...

  • Interested in Bitcoin? Read These Books
    2016-11-16 09:17:53

    Bitcoin has proliferated since a certain Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the digital currency in the market seven years ago. As of writing, the projected transaction volume is $172.24 million. Also, around there was about $9.1 billion of bitcoin throughout the market. If you find bitcoin fascinating, you may want to read the following books written about the virtual currency.


    Blockchain, written by Melanie Swan, focuses on the technical side of the Read More...

  • Forex and Automated Trading Software
    2016-09-26 11:39:29

    An automated trading software scans the market and score substantial gains in the absence of a trader. The program evaluates market activity and price charts. It also pinpoints different signals such as price trends, spread discrepancies, and news or events than can influence the market. Users can determine the criteria for finding good currency trades. Automated forex trading software is also called robot trading, black-box trading, or algorithmic trading.

    Traders can utilize the