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  • How Does a Currency Board Work?
    2017-06-28 08:35:07

    Essentially, the currency board of a specific nation or area is tapped to release banknotes and coins and keeping fixed exchange rate that is based on either a commodity or foreign currency. It can perform its duties solely or work together with a central bank. Normally, the board is created to take away the duty of a central bank to manage rates and money.

    All actions or discretions by a monetary authority do not shape the monetary policy of a country in the presence of the board. Read More...

  • Currency Trading Perils to Take into Account
    2017-05-03 02:49:21

    Being one of the largest markets worldwide, it makes sense to understand the threats engulfing the foreign exchange market. Traders also need to recognize that the ultimate goal of currency trading is to bolster its profitability by selling at a high price and purchasing at a low price. Unlike other kinds of traders, those who transact in the forex market can choose from several currencies. Forex assets are considered bankable investments, given its high trading volume. But such investments Read More...

  • A Quick Review on Placing Orders with Brokers
    2017-02-17 12:46:01

    Let’s have a refresher on the proper manner of placing orders with a forex broker. This is important because any inappropriate order execution can greatly affect a trader’s plan to enter and exit the market.

    Here are the three kinds of orders:

    Limit Order

    A trader places this order if he intends to enter a new position or to exit the current one at a specified price or higher. A limit order is executed if the indicated price (or better) is reached. It also enables Read More...

  • Leading Banks Set to Leave Britain
    2016-11-08 08:59:20

    Some of the leading banks worldwide have embarked on the process of leaving the United Kingdom this year, highlighting the continuous impact of the Brexit vote in the country’s financial sector. But their counterparts will transfer its headquarters in the first quarter of next year.

    According to British Bankers Association Chief Executive Anthony Browne, in his opinion for op-ed for British newspaper The Guardian, pointed out that the majority of global bank companies are Read More...

  • Reasons for Maintaining a Forex Trading Journal
    2016-09-07 12:35:58

    It is imperative to maintain another forex trading journal. Brokers provide the following information: currency trades, margin use, gains and losses, and available purchasing power. Still, it pays to keep one. Here’s why.

    Mind Pattern Modification

    Writing down all your dealings helps you rethink your trading practices. It can prod you to either stick to or retain your habits. If you hone your trading skills, you become more confident. If you are confident Read More...