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We must welcome the future, remembering that soon it will be the past, and we must respect the past, knowing that once it was all that was humanly possible.

  • Dara Madee
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  • Last Posted: 2017-05-31 07:53:03
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The Mystery behind Money and Investing

2017-05-31 07:53:03

Two cents: money does not define everything and investing has never been a swift path to becoming rich. We have a secret to tell you. There are at least five mysteries behind money and investing.

Poor thinking produces nothing. What you do is what you gain. So, if you act like a poor, you are going to remain poor. They opt to wait until such a time that they have sufficient money or a more rewarding work before starting to invest in themselves or save for the rainy days. Here’s the truth: the right timing never comes. Ditch that concept. Now, if you seek to believe and act like rich people, love yourself. Build an emergency fund by setting aside a portion of your salary. That cushion should last you for at least three months.

A valuable investment is different from luxurious spending. Unless it is really important, why spend your money on a product that won’t last for a season or two? Most people do not spend lavishly. They opt for simple clothing and the like as they devote much of their time to making money work for them. Before they purchase something, they consider which items are worth the penny and if the money spent on that would be better appropriated for investment or savings.

Value your time. Time is gold. This old cliché is still applicable today. If you follow this principle, you value the people who can accomplish tasks which you cannot do. You acknowledge the fact they trouble themselves just to finish everything. And you understand the need to maximize your time. Many choose to waste their precious time on doing unproductive tasks or projects that won’t raise your salary or promote you. Remember every minute counts.

Do not depend on paychecks alone. Wealthy individuals do not depend solely on their salaries to sustain their living. A regular pay is perhaps the major source of income for people. However, you should also find another source of income by doing part-time jobs or selling a product or service. Others also get extra money by leasing their houses or properties.

Here is the secret of all secrets: amassing a considerable amount of wealth is not accomplished overnight. It takes time, effort, making sacrifices, work, discipline, patience, and choosing sound options to build your wealth. Also, it entails spending less or within your means and making smart investments.