tonaccount answered Brittany's question on 17 Aug 2017, 08:02:58

It is better than other kinds of investing simply because its market is bigger and profits are generally faster. You can go ahead and research that for yourself.

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samtakeover answered Betty's question on 09 Aug 2017, 03:06:15

Don’t buy forex books. Books can be outdated and expensive. Everything is free online and is presented better. You just have to find the right source.

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Catkathyy answered Joseph's question on 24 Jun 2017, 08:50:03

A Rebate is money paid from the Broker to every Trade you made in The broker. Rebate usually is part of the spread.

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Dacep21 answered Phoebe's question on 22 Jun 2017, 23:52:45

Try MT4 - you can open offline charts in the same currency pair under several timeframes. It always stays where you left off.

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Dacep21 answered Phoebe's question on 22 Jun 2017, 23:50:44

I am finding that using the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo is to trace this and plot the lowest it was for the last few hours, to over a day. After I plot the lowest, I look for plateaus and avoid buying when it seems to be at a peak and look for the lowest possible spot to buy. Just don't buy when it is getting ready to peak. Wait till well after a peak and a valley is seen before you buy. Buy as low in the valley as you can. Not as the pips are rising. This way, you can ,acidentally buy at a peak, make sure the pips have fallen quite a bit before buying and have fallen quite a bit. Usually peaks will come later. You need to sell at a peak, not buy at any peak.

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Dacep21 answered Phoebe's question on 22 Jun 2017, 23:49:58

This is the one I start with. I liked it cause it's easy to understand. The strategy is free and these people have a ton of free video's going through it. They also offer several add-ons and serv ices that you pay for. Most free strategies come along with paid for add-ons or services. With reference to this particular strategy, I did not find any value in their add-ons or services. If you use their free stuff, the add-ons you have to pay for are the same principle as the free information, just stated a different way. They offer a paid for trade room so you can see how they trade. All their video's are taken from their trading room. So why pay for it. In their free strategy, they call a trade setup bluelite special when 3 of the indicators line up. In their paid for add-on, they call the same thing orange lite. Anyway check out the free but if it were me I would not pay for any add on.

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